Hi I'm Louise Breton,
Founder of
A Change Of Face!

I work with online high-achieving women 50+ who shy away from the camera because of their maturing face and teach them how to tone, tighten and lift their face naturally so that they can look and feel radiant in on and off camera!


How I forever changed the destiny of my face!..

After I hit 40, I noticed my skin beginning to sag, my eyes drooped and my once perky cheeks looking deflated. I looked tired, older-looking and felt less desirable.

At the same time I was working in a job that was unfulfilling and made me miserable. I was literally wearing the stress and tension on my face.

I tried costly beauty products which felt nice on my skin but did nothing to address the root cause of sagging or drooping.

Because of my holistic background, I didn't want to resort to mainstream options like fillers, injections or Botox. so I took matters into my own hands.

Having worked in the health & wellness industry for over 30 years, I researched more natural methods to effectively combat the aging signs appearing on my face.

One day I was perusing the world wide web for scalp exercises to relieve my tension and came across Face Yoga, an all natural technique that tones, tightens and lifts the entire face naturally. 

I was elated! No invasive cosmetic procedures, complicated beauty regimes or risky surgery required and could be done virtually anywhere.

Within a short period of time, I began to experience these micro shifts happening internally. Family and friends noticed too and complimented me telling me I looked happier ;)

I became a Certified Face Yoga expert, founded A Change Of Face in order to serve the women looking for a natural alternative to their aging face so they can feel more confident in their skin and on camera.

Beauty is indeed an inside job which I am excited to work on for the rest of my life.

Here's to Aging on YOUR terms!

I believe.....

Choose Your Face Yoga Journey!

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