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Tired of turning off your camera on video calls—and turning down invitations—because your maturing face makes you feel self-conscious?

You want to show up as the poised professional you know you can be, to socialize with friends, or even start dating again. But because you look (and feel) years older than your chronological age, you’re toning yourself down and hiding your light. Instead of pursuing your dreams, you’re drowning your Zoom-anxiety in endless episodes of Outlander on the sofa.

You know it’s possible to feel beautiful again. You’ve seen other women your age (and older) who are putting themselves out there with unbridled confidence—and you’re ready to join them.

But meanwhile…

Lately it feels like invasive cosmetic procedures are the only viable options—and needles are so not your thing. You prefer a more natural approach to achieving smoother, younger-looking skin.

Believe me, I hear you—because I’ve been there.

I'm Louise Breton!

Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Face Yoga Expert!

I know exactly how it feels to look in the mirror and not recognize my reflection. 

After I turned 40, I noticed my skin was beginning to sag, my eyes were drooping, and my once-perky cheeks were deflating. I was in an unfulfilling job at the time, and the stress and tension were showing on my face, making me feel less desirable.

Because of my holistic background, I didn’t want to resort to fillers, injections, or Botox to restore my confidence. So I took matters into my own hands—literally.

Using my background of 30+ years in the health and wellness industry, I discovered the most effective all-natural technique to combat the signs of facial aging. It’s called face yoga—and it’s been used for centuries in Japan.

Brimming with excitement, I began a daily face yoga practice (less than 10 minutes!) and within a short time, I experienced micro-shifts, both internally and externally. Family and friends noticed too and complimented me, telling me I looked happier. Over time, my skin appeared tighter, and more toned and lifted.

I became a Certified Face Yoga expert, and founded A Change of Face in order to help women break free from the prison of their own insecurities, and supporting them to shine.
What is Face Yoga?
Ready to Fall In Love With Your Face Again?
It’s time to step out from under that rock and inspire the world with your bold ideas and radiant glow.

All programs include age-erasing poses for the entire face, including neck and jawline, which you can practice virtually anywhere, anytime. No special equipment required.

 Here are 3 Ways To Start Your Face Yoga Journey...

For the New or Beginner Face Yogi

The Refresh Your Face Blueprint
A DIY program that’s perfect for beginners and the face-yoga-curious!

A Personalized Plan For Your Face Needs

The Ultimate Face
A highly personalized coaching program, including seven 1:1 sessions and unlimited email support.

The Ultimate Experience For Those Short On Time

The V.I.P. Face
A luxurious half-day virtual retreat for those who crave a little more customization.

#1. How often do I have to practice to see results?
Results can generally be seen after only 2 weeks, Changes are subtle and measuring facial changes is different from changes in the body.  I highly recommend taking photos before and after to keep you motivated and inspired.
#2. Can I still get results even if I have a family history of double chins?
Absolutely! Your parents may be a great indicator of what your future face will look like.  By becoming aware of these areas of concern and practicing face yoga poses that address them can not only prevent the problem from happening but also work on your current challenges your facing and make great progress.
#3. Will I get wrinkles by practicing face yoga?
Short answer is NO! It is the repetitive of moving the face muscles incorrectly that leads to unwanted lines.  Understanding and practicing to move the face muscles in your favour will help to diminish and prevent future ones from occurring.  Also each pose takes less than a minute and every movement is very specific.  Stress can cause more wrinkles to appear and Face Yoga helps relax the entire face and muscles.


Theresa B.
"Face Yoga greatly improved my eye bags and I feel more confident than ever before!
Kristen B.
I am so happy to take selfies with my daughter again!
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